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Custom Window Coverings

Find the fabric, form, and fit to suit your space with our curated collection of customizable blinds, shades, curtains and accessories.

Roller Shades

Known for light diffusion and linear elegance our roller shades are an ideal canvas for your next window treatment project. The rise and fall of these window shades allow you to control the impact of light on any room. Go from stark to stylish with a quintessential design feature that is made to last. 

✓ 3 styles
✓ 200+ curated eco-fabrics
✓ Privacy or blackout linings available
✓ 14 days or less from design to delivery

Roman Shades

Designed for privacy and poise our roman shades have stood the test of time. These custom window coverings are a statement for any window and suit many types of spaces. Doubling into neat rectangular folds as it rises takes you from cool darkness to morning sunrise with one light draw or push of a button. 

✓ 3 styles
✓ 200+ curated eco-fabrics
✓ Privacy or blackout linings available
✓ 4-5 weeks from design to delivery

Pleated Shades

These single layer fabric blinds are defined by their distinct pleats and minimalist appeal. Pleated shades use their unique design to diffuse light without taking up much space. Withdrawn they vanish to the top of the blind, stacking together in a precise frame. Choose the size of your pleat for an original design statement.

✓ Ultra slim no-light gap blind
✓ Space efficient minimalist style
✓ Ideal for smaller windows that open to the inside
✓ 2-3 weeks from design to delivery

Honeycomb Shades

Reflect heat, inspire warmth, and save energy when you select honeycomb shades as your preferred window cover. A simple cell structure creates perfect indoor insulation. Layered fabric on a continuous blind offers cosy privacy. This modern design addition was made for rooms that need quiet luxury and neat functionality.

✓ No-light gap window shading solution
✓ Maximum light diffusion and blackout without interruption
✓ Reduce costs with this energy saving blind
✓ 2-3 weeks from design to delivery


Soft elegance comes to mind when curtains are your preferred window arrangement. Flowing like water from ceiling to floor, our curtain fabrics gently ripple in the breeze adding character, warmth, and flow to your chosen space. Create your unique ambiance with curtains made to order.

✓ 2 styles
✓ 200+ curated natural fabrics
✓ Privacy or dimout linings available
✓ 4-5 weeks from design to delivery

Curtain Rails

Crafting the perfect framework for your window dressings, our customizable curtain tracks redefine functionality and style. Tailored to your specifications, these tracks seamlessly blend into your space, offering both support and sophistication.

Vertical Blinds

Geometric simplicity blends with modern functionality when you can direct the shades of light from your vertical blinds. Equally suited to a contemporary office space or a bespoke home bedroom, these expansive blinds are versatile, durable and capable of enhancing the style of any design-focused room.  

✓ A favourite for tall windows and sliding doors
✓ Wide variety of textured fabrics available
✓ Analog, hybrid and wireless smart systems available
✓ 14 days or less from design to delivery

A Buyers Guide

How to Choose Custom Window Coverings

Here is what to consider when choosing the best window treatments for your space. 

Our experts recommend gathering window design ideas before considering these important details. For best results, your bespoke curtains, blinds, and shades should be functional and should holistically unify your interior design.

Window Shape

What shape are your windows? 

Considering your window size and shape will influence the custom window coverings you choose. Look at how your windows open and take note of how that might impact your decision. A sliding door for example, would benefit from custom curtains or vertical blinds, but not pleated shades. 

Window Location

Where is your window located?

Depending on the direction of your property, window location is a factor when choosing window dressings. Some rooms might not get enough light, in which case a lighter fabric that allows more light in would work best. If your window stares directly into a busy office block, fabrics that provide you with more privacy and noise cancellation are good options.


What kind of light would you prefer in your chosen space?

When shopping for custom window trimmings you should consider the type of light you’d like to have. Shades, blinds, and curtains are made of different fabrics that allow light diffusion in a variety of ways. Sheer fabric is quite transparent, while blackout materials will be thicker and more solid. 

The way your window coverings operate will also impact light. Vertical or horizontal operation will change the light in your room, and so will layering curtains over a window blind, for example. 

You should also consider the light gap of your shade. If you need a total blackout shade, something with a smaller light-gap would keep light from entering at the sides of the blind.


What type of window treatment functionality would suit you? 

Functionality is a factor when you want your custom window coverings to suit your lifestyle. Consider what matters most to you. Some people may say comfort or safety, while others would insist on durability or simplicity. 

Our range consists of basic, manually operated blinds, the latest smart technology for automated comfort, and blends of both. We have products that have been built with child and pet safety in mind, where the looped choking hazard has been removed.

At the same we offer functionality that saves you time, effort and accelerates the pace of your day. Many of our products help regulate your interior climate, while others lighten your daily tasks.

Function also applies to the room you’re in – kitchen spaces for example don’t work with floor length curtains but suit roman blinds extremely well. 


What type of mood, look and feel will fit your space?

The covering for your window is tailor-made, which means that you can choose the type of material, texture and fit that will enhance your interior design. Consider different materials, lengths, and weights – whether they have additional layers or not and how the design will match your style.

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