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Customizable Home Comfort with Smart Curtains and Blinds

Simplify your daily life with custom made window coverings that integrate with your smart home system. Connect anywhere at any time, for wireless automation that enhances your home experience.


An easy four step setup process means that your smart technology is connected, programmed & ready in minutes


Control your custom smart blinds via remote, your smartphone app or with voice through your smart home system


Get cordless window coverings that can auto open or close when you are away for a burglar-deterring effect


Improve energy efficiency with motorized curtains & blinds that automatically adapt to changing temperatures

A Smart Home
A Simpler Life

The right smart window treatments are a powerful ally in the ongoing automation of time-consuming chores at home. Ours were created to help simplify your day, while guaranteeing the safety of your children and pets. This is motorized, connected technology designed for your life. 

✓ Enjoy instant atmosphere changes on command
✓ Automate timers, scenes or rooms for set-and-forget convenience
✓ Future-proof your home with standards compatible technology 
✓ Spend more time on what matters 

Perfect Control
With MotionBlinds

Our range of smart window covers lets you control each blind or curtain in your home with your preferred device. Using smart technology from MotionBlinds, your made-to-order products can be controlled in a variety of ways, whether you are at home or not. 

✓ Pull on the cord for automated rise & fall
✓ Use your MotionBlinds remote control
✓ Set preferences on your smartphone app
✓ Pair with your home automation system

Home Automation Systems

How It Works

Invest in your smart home with shades, blinds and curtains that come with the latest motorization, connectivity and integration technology.


Our reliable motors are elegantly concealed behind or inside of your smart window covering. All motors come with an integrated power supply that is chargeable from a USB-C charge point. A single charge up to 12 months.


Every motor unit comes with Bluetooth for interior connectivity and a 433 MHz antenna for connectivity outside the home. Scanning a QR code on your cord handle allows for easy Bluetooth app download & setup.


A bridge allows you to pair your smart curtains & blinds with your existing smart home system, whether it is Alexa, Google or IFTTT. Eve MotionBlinds pairs with Apple HomeKit technology and doesn’t require a bridge.

Smart Window Coverings


Completely cable-free installation for a minimalist look


Charge once or twice a year with USB-C port


Compatible with your smart home system


Total control with timer & scene automation in-app


Set or control manually via pull cords


Smart curtains are essential for the modern home. The powerful motors are quiet and are hidden behind the drape for a wireless look. They work well over smart blinds when you want to set automated multi-layered scenes or timers. Install and integrate into your smart home in minutes.   

Vertical Blinds

Smart vertical blinds let you control the light in a room from anywhere at any time. Each panel is connected to your smart home system and these can be controlled on your smartphone, where timers, rooms & scenes are pre-set and automated. Enjoy child-safe wireless installation.

Roller Shades

Smart roller shades have a cable-free motor with an integrated battery that is chargeable from the USB-C port. Get perfect wireless installation and rapid setup from your smartphone - for a roller blind that works as good as it looks. Seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem.  

Roman Shades

Smart roman shades invite the gentle sway of curtains into your home with the functionality of a motorized blind. Control your roman blinds from anywhere to set the mood and automatically start or end the day.  The shades are wireless, easy to install and accept voice commands. 

Pleated Shades

Smart pleated shades are great for modern spaces and even better when they naturally integrate with your smart home ecosystem. These blinds are cable-free and only take a few minutes to setup through the app. Scan the QR code on your shade and control it through your phone. 

Honeycomb Shades

Smart honeycomb shades are a sustainable and multi-functional addition to your smart home system. Improve climate control by automating these shades, for rooms that are cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. Easy to charge through the USB-C port, smartphone setup takes just a few minutes.  

Control Options

Explore the ways you can control your curtains
and blinds with the latest app technology.

Apple HomeKit
Bluetooth App and WiFi Bridge App
Remote Controls
15ch handheld remote

A wireless remote that can connect to an unlimited number of blinds - with 15 channels.

5ch handheld remote

A wireless remote that can connect to an unlimited number of shades – with 5 channels.

4ch wall mounted wireless remote

A wireless wall remote with 4 channels that can connect with an unlimited number of blinds.

US/CA standard 1ch wall mounted remote

A wireless wall remote with 1 channel that can connect with an unlimited number of blinds.

Hubs & Switches
WiFi Hub – enables app control
WiFi Hub Mini – enables app control
Domotica Box

Connects wireless motors to your smart home automation system.

Dry Contact Box

Integrates wireless motors with smart home automation systems via your Domotica Box.

Smart Switch

Enables wireless communication with analog motors when connected.

Types of Motor

Choose the type of motor that best suits your requirements.


Wireless motors are cable-free. They come with a built-in battery that is rechargeable with a long battery life. These are perfect for modern smart homes.


Hybrid motors come with a wired AC and wireless functionality. These motors are rechargeable via a USB-C port, or they can be plugged into a power source.


Analog motors come with wired AC functionality. These are popular in new home builds with fresh smart home automation system installs.

Smart System Specifications

Learn more about the specifications for each smart system.

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